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Eric Lee: Timely, relevant content key to website success

Union website success


David Grenier: Million worker march
the alternate patriot: "Auto Workers Region 9A took its boycott of Boston Market to Manhattan's 23rd Street on Feb. 14. The union set up an informational picket line at a branch of the restaurant chain to educate people about its three-year campaign to organize Chef Solutions, a 170-worker bakery in North Haven, Conn. Boston Market is one of the bakery's customers. Lufthansa Airline, the bakery's parent company, is also included in the boycott."


AUT - the higher education union: "FAQ: Action short of a strike"
669 Roaddogs:"The undemocratic, authoritarian features are simply convenient devices to permit the officialdom to avoid the annoying necessity of consulting the membership."


Boing Boing: Digital timeclocks being doctored by chain-store managers: "Managers at chain stores across America are protecting their bottom-line-dependant jobs by secretly changing timeclock records, so that their workers aren't paid for their time."


Dissent Magazine - Winter 2004: "Despite popular impressions and dinner-table gossip, the problems of our schools, and above all of 'school reform,' are not the result of unions."
WorkingUSA.org: "To increase density in the private sector, unions should explore a form of unionization that is open to nonmajority memberships. This form—which the authors call “open source” unionism—would make extensive use of the Internet to deliver individual services to workers. This article describes current union activity heading in this general direction. It assesses the legal and administrative feasibility of open source unionism and suggests ways unions could develop it further."


TC Metro: " Beginning March 1st, Twin Cities Metro Transit bus driver, Jim Jeffries, provides a daily journal of commentary concerning the bus driver strike and need for community support. Also includes an easy way to message elected representatives."
Strike! Metro Transit Strike Blog : Cool another use of a weblog for creating your own media!
CivicActions: Claremont Resort Boycott: This is the first account I have seen of a labor group using wiki in its outreach! cool.


Online Rights Survey 2004 [LabourStart]